Personalised care within the comfort of your home


Your independence is important. That’s why, once you have been matched with a dedicated support worker, you can look forward to friendly in-home care that gives you exactly what you need, when you need it.

During the day or throughout the night, we work round your lifestyle and your routines. You can continue to enjoy the comfort and love of the familiar surroundings that you call home;

There is no minimum contract, so it’s a completely flexible arrangement. Remember, you stay in total control. There is no upheaval, no stress and no trouble.

Here are just some of the home help services we offer:


A perfect opportunity to get out and about, and meet new people. Your support worker will accompany you on your choice of social activities – anything from clubs and coffee mornings to swimming and horse riding. We do it all!


Wherever you need to be – such as at the doctor’s for a check-up or at the post office to pick up your benefits – we’ll get you there safely and make sure everything is okay.

Domestic Assistance

We help you with aspects of everyday life such as washing, cleaning, ironing, bed making, or whatever support you need around the home.


Got a favourite dish? Your carer will serve regular meals of your choice, all in the comfort of your own home. We’ll even do the washing up!


If you need driving to the shops to buy those all-important items, we’ll take you there and give you a hand. Alternatively, we can do your shopping for you or even help you shop online.


We’re here if you just want someone to talk to over a coffee, offload the worries of the week or put the world to rights. We’re very good listeners!

If you would like to learn more or speak to someone directly, please contact us or dial 0161 929 6039