What does respite care at home include?

Are you a family caregiver in need of a break? Our respite care services can help. Designed to provide temporary relief to primary caregivers, our respite care services ensure your loved one continues to receive the high-quality and compassionate care they deserve, even when you can’t be there. 

Let’s take a closer look at respite care in Manchester and the surrounding area so that you know exactly what to expect. 

What is respite care?

Respite care is temporary care provided in the absence of one’s primary caregiver. It allows the primary caregiver to step away from their caring duties so that they can rest, relax and recharge their batteries. The beauty of respite care is that your loved one doesn’t need to temporarily move into a care home to receive the care they require during your absence. Rather, our services are designed to support people with varying needs all within the comfort of their homes. We can arrange a sitting service for just a few hours or even up to 24-hour live-in care. In the hands of our compassionate carers, you can rest assured your loved one is receiving the outstanding care they deserve.  

The responsibilities of a respite carer

Our team of dedicated carers provide the same standard of care to your loved one as they would for their own families. For over 10 years, we’ve been providing personalised care rooted in respect and compassion. Here are some daily duties you can expect your carer to perform:

  • helping with personal care such as washing and dressing
  • supporting with household chores such as tidying up, ironing and shopping 
  • preparing meals 
  • assisting with mobility issues
  • running errands such as picking up prescriptions
  • accompanying your loved one to appointments 
  • administering medication
  • providing companionship
  • arranging outings or social events 
  • encouraging regular physical activity 
  • looking after those with dementia 

Why is respite care important?

We all need a break now and again and family caregivers are no exception. That being said, we understand the feelings of guilt that may accompany leaving your loved one in the hands of a stranger. You may worry that the quality of care will be subpar or that there won’t be a trusting relationship between your loved one and their carer. While these are valid concerns, we want to assure you that our carers are highly trained to deliver quality care that exceeds your expectations. We also do our best to take into account your loved one’s interests to ensure a good match. 

Respite care ensures primary caregivers avoid burnout and exhaustion by allowing them to look after their emotional wellbeing. Taking a break is one of the most important things you can do to ensure you can continue to provide good care. It will enable you to return to your caregiving duties with renewed energy and refreshed levels of patience. While you are enjoying your well-deserved time off, you can also enjoy peace of mind knowing that your loved one is in good hands. 

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